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Infiniti IPL G37 Coupe
September 16, 2011 by Michael Hill
infiniti ipl coupe
Just when you thought Infiniti couldn’t squeeze any more power out of its G37 Coupe, along comes the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL). Due to the familiar exterior of the 2011 Infiniti IPL G37 Coupe, at a quick glance, you might not notice the subtle yet confident styling that gives this sleek car a stronger, more aggressive posture. And that wou...
AUDI S8: Speed, Style & Sumptuous Luxury
September 23, 2009 by Dolce Staff Writer
Audi S8
You’re sitting at a stoplight, and you hear what sounds like the rumble of a Lamborghini Gallardo engine to your right. You glance out the passenger window and see an Audi sedan. You think to yourself – I must have been imagining it. But as the light changes to green, and the car beside you comes to life, it all begins to make sense. The Audi...