“It’s such a big world with so much to do and I haven’t even started. Do up your seat belt and hang on”

The life pursuits of Bobby Genovese

September 23, 2009 by Simona Panetta-Kerr

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  • Lisa

    This is so Bobby G. Great guy!

  • John

    Bobby Genovese is a penny stock promoter. Two stocks he was involved in (ccbef.pk and hnin.ob) are worth nearly nothing. Yet he has $200mm in revenues? You guys did an article on a man who scams people on the penny stock exchanges.

  • Jeff

    John, I don’t personally know Bobby Genovese but I have attended a few Polo events where he has participated…. and he seems like a good guy. Playing with stocks is like playing Black Jack!!! don’t blame the dealer!

  • John

    Jeff- yeah he probably seems like a nice guy for sure. But when you knowingly pump a stock then unload millions of shares onto investors who thought you were a nice guy, what does that make you? None of his public companies have ever amounted to a hill of beans yet he sure mislead investors with the intensions of the companies. No black jack dealer would tell you they stacked the deck with extra aces and kings but in reality pulled them all out. Next time you talk to him, try to look past the used car salesman personality and then tell me what you see.

  • Don

    I do have the pleasure of knowing Bobby on a personal level and when he says something, he sticks to his word. Geat guy, and fun to be around.

  • John

    Well Don, your beloved friend just bankrupted Clearly Canadian after numerous press releases about $16mm in revenues – never happened. Not only did he BK the company, he cancelled all current shareholder shares. Next he took CC off the list of companies that he owns on his website – like a weasel in hiding. You have a great friend there, pal.

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